As a Pilot I am aware that if you were to have either an Incident or an Accident where weather was a contributing factor, according to the regulations it requires the Pilot to have sought “ALL” available weather related information prior to flight for the departure airport, planned route as well as the destination airport and surrounding vicinity should there be an Emergency requiring a deviation to the plan.

Likewise, we are in God’s flight plan, and there will be “weather” from sunshine to storms and He sees us through it but do we have “all” information available should some of life’s storms be a factor?   Will we continue to be a blessing to others ( continue the flight )

Now you are probably wondering what all of this has to do with the topic of Social Media, my thought here is to emphasize the “all available information” where in the Bible it tells us in Ephesians 5:16 that we are to make the most of every opportunity and as such,  we can weather the storms of life.

Making the most of every opportunity – wow those are huge words, and as these words pertain to Social Media I want to encourage my Brothers and Sister to consider doing something similar to what I am doing, ( Incidentally, knowing that you are representing the King on every email will also make you think twice about what you write )  to have a link or a verse in “every” email I send from my work email as well as my personal email, also using Facebook, Twitter all to the Glory of God, yes and I do fall so short to meeting these words “Making the most of every opportunity”  

Heavenly Father I come before you asking for us to be bold about sharing Jesus every opportunity we have in making an Eternal difference within the workplace as well as anyone we come in contact with, may your spirit fill us with your love for the lost, may you go before us and provide us with the right words at the right time, create in us a holy discontent until we do that which you prompt us to have done in your name, I pray for all the community Members that as we continue you would bless this Community, I pray this in the most precious and Holy name of Jesus, Amen

God bless you as He uses you right where you’re at

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