Image              Jesus ,  Others,  Yourself

My family has European background and we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve and we gather around the room that has a Christmas tree and presents but most importantly we are coming into the presence of the most Holy and celebrating Jesus’ birth that is God’s gift to us for our redemption.

We start out with reading of the Scriptures, and then we generally proceed with going around the room and each person tells the rest of the family what they are thankful for during this time of celebration, after which we come to our Lord Jesus in prayer and once again we go through the entire family asking each one to pray and give thanks.

After much prayer, some tears of joy and sharing time we then sing some Christmas carols ending with Oh holy night with a candlelight ceremony.

Once we finished singing, and giving glory to God, we then start opening presents always mindful that all that we have comes from the Father above, and it is because of His love to us and sharing the greatest gift of all, it makes it possible for us to emulate this inner love towards others by sharing gifts.

Sometime later we will share some food as well as European type chocolates and goodies while listening to Christmas music ranging from Handel’s Messiah to Christmas Jazz ,  yes we like all types of music that make the festivities memorable.

May Jesus reign in your life as you live for Him and share all about him to your colleagues as well as anyone you come in contact with

Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New year to you.

Challenge for you in 2013:   The next time you are in a restaurant ask the waiter/waitress the following:  “If there was one thing I could pray for you, what would that be?”

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