A different view of Easter

easter-001 He is Risen

There seems to be a lot of controversy going on regarding Easter eggs and Easter egg hunts for children within the Christian community, as well as how it may or may not relate to the Christian view point of Jesus’ Resurrection.

I believe that as Christians we are allowing the evil forces to consume our thought on this concept being of the world, and that we ought not to partake of it as opposed to looking at this type of an event, that we can turn into something that our Father in Heaven would say “Well done my faithful servant”.

As a believer in Jesus Christ we need to use every opportunity to bring forth the message of Salvation to those that do not have life in Jesus ( Ephesians 5:16 ). When we mingle with those people that are at a town park where a Easter egg hunt is provided, I believe that this is an opportunity to share the real meaning of Easter with those that we come in contact with (Parent to Parent)

When I briefly think about the entire scope of having Easter Eggs and a Easter Bunny representing that which our Savior provided for us ( New Life through the Resurrection) it seems very demeaning and simplistic but I am reminded in Scripture that Jesus used parables to teach us so that we may comprehend the truths with our simplistic minds ( as compared to God’s infinite wisdom).

When one really looks beyond that which our secular world has put together as a representation of what Easter is all about, many may forget or may never have known the real meaning of Easter, and it all hinges around the Resurrection, because without the resurrection there would not be new life in Jesus Christ.

I would like to share with you my viewpoint that comes to mind when further examined.

We are to be Salt and Light of the world, ( Matthew 5:13-16 ) how can we do that if we do not mingle in the world? We need to take that which the Secular world focuses on and turn it into a tool to share the good news of Jesus Christ,

Looking at the Egg, it is the simplest form of a single cell ( There is only one set of cellular structures (nucleus, cytoplasm, and cellular membrane) within the shell of a chicken egg.) this to me represents LIFE and the ONE cell of Life is Jesus Christ, and Just like the egg has the nucleus, cytoplasm, and cellular membrane, so we also have the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit yet they are one.

When the egg gets impregnated, that is when new life begins as the cells start to divide and growth takes place. In the same way I see it that as the Holy Spirit comes to live within us, if we allow Him to guide us (pruning), our life will bear fruit (John 15:2) and we will share ( dividing ) that which we have learned to produce more believers, and that’s when growth will take place.

Now about the Easter Bunny… Hmmm tough one huh?
Easter Bunnies are very fast, they are very observant, they do not force themselves onto you, however I certainly look at them and think that their fast reproduction has a meaning that we can learn from. The picture that I see when I think about the way rabbits multiply makes me think that we as Christians should spread the Gospel so we can also multiply Christians with an accelerated urgency, because the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few (Matthew 9:37-38)

If you ever saw how wild rabbits take care of their babies in a nice cuddly home you know that they protect their little ones, our Father in Heaven also has a home for us and He protects us under his wings (Psalm 91:4)

In conclusion, it is my prayer that as we serve our Lord Jesus here on this Earth, that we would take all these secular rituals and use them as tools of opportunity to bring others to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. To be in this World but not to be of this World. May you be blessed and the Lord Jesus be Glorified.

Happy Resurrection Day

Easter Rejoice

He is Risen, He is risen indeed

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